This website is intended to address and help people who have been verbally and physically hurt, manipulated, seeing double standards, and the list continues. As a result, many in this generation have been left to deal with deep pain, anger, mental battles, and unforgiveness. My goal is to share my back story, and help out in any way I can.

Throughout the major part of my life, I craved attention and popularity; I “tried too hard.” Not everyone was abusive; nevertheless, I did experience bullying, both physically and verbally. I thought some of it was worth the abuse, thinking that I needed to switch up my behavior. I also had major anger issues, which contributed to some moments of violence toward my own family (and almost blinding a guy).

After these experiences, which occurred mostly in high school, I wanted to start afresh and make a name for myself in college.  I desired to be a leader, and yet I was not voted to a leadership position in a student organization that I was a part of.  I took matters into my own hands and decided to start a local colony of a nationally recognized fraternity.  At the time, I saw four others become members, even after the constant Power Point presentations to others about the fraternity’s ideals followed by constant rejection, which I took very personally.

I once was considered a “nice guy” in grade school by girls, and I wasn’t too much of a confident kid. In high school, I was emasculated by being called certain names. To prove myself that I was straight, I had to win women. I saw the “popular” guys scoring hot girls, and I wanted that too.  As silly as this sounds, after two failed, painful relationships, my womanizing eventually peaked into my final year of college.

June 14th, 2009:  I graduate.  I thought my two college internships and sales job would be good qualifications for any employer.  On top of that, I was still trying to recruit people into the fraternity. I still had this feeling of unaccomplishment that I couldn’t satisfy.

Fourteen days later, my life changes.  Rested >>