June 28th, 2009:  Searching ideal candidates through Facebook for my fraternity, I message an individual and invite him over to my apartment to share with him a presentation of the fraternity.  Instead, he catches me off-guard with some questions, and a simple link.  I reviewed the link with him.  I don’t recall this type of presentation being introduced to me during my twenty-three years of schooling.  I ended up stating a prayer that would eventually lead me to view others in a loving way.

Looking back today, I have to admit that I was living a reckless life that would have ended up in more confusion and destruction.  I couldn’t have lived that way anymore.  I decided to forgive those who had attacked me in the past (there is power in forgiveness). I also had to decide whether to accept an atonement for all of my rebellion, or keep digging a grave for myself.

The message I wanted to share with everyone is this:

Life is too short because we all have rebelled willingly against a God that actually loves us.
Death is the unfortunate consequence of rebellion
(i.e. our bodies are not physically immortal, so we are not our own gods).
And yet still, one man died in our place, giving us a second chance
by rising from the dead.

The same power that raised Him from the dead
is the same power that heals the sick and hurting today.

Only His love can defeat a path of destruction, death, unforgiveness, and anxiety.

It is not through manipulation.  It is not through abuse.
He gives us a free will to choose.
Eternal life is through relationship with a loving Creator.

His invitation is extended to us. This is the Good News.
Ask Him for forgiveness, and He is willing to forgive you.
Call upon the name of Jesus and invite Him into your heart today.

Reading His Word and asking more of Him will transform our lives.  Here is a mini timeline of what happened to me next:

  • After listening to the simple Good News from that guy (he later became the best man at my wedding), I decided to give Jesus a shot.
  • February 2010:  After returning from a retreat, I started to feel much better internally.  The next step in God’s plan came to a total surprise for me…
  • March 21st, 2010:  In Washington D.C., at a march for immigrant rights, out of 500,000 people, there was a group of people from my home state, and I happened to be walking next to a lady who asked me a simple question:  “Are you Colombian?”  I was wearing some gear from my mom’s native country, so I told her that my mom was from Colombia but my dad was from Ohio.  We started to chat and I ended up getting her phone number.  She only lived about two hours from my hometown.
  • Amazingly, when I invited her to visit my apartment, she saw my friend there (the same guy who shared the Good News with me), and I discovered that she knew him from her hometown church.
  • November 4th, 2011:  I witness my first miracle: a man had a shorter leg than his other leg, and my friend prayed for the man, commanding the shorter leg to grow in Jesus’ name to match the same length as the other leg.  Before my eyes, I saw the shorter leg grow out.  I flipped.

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